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We have been created for MORE. Allowing fear, self-doubt, or what others may say stops us and leaves us feeling trapped. Ready for your organization or women’s ministry to move beyond where they are and unlock the hidden potential? We are only limited by the things that we allow to limit us. We CAN do all things…

About Dr. Marcea

There’s a doctor in the house and she’s here to help women deliver on their destiny!

She is now founder and CEO of In Full Bloom Health and Life Coaching and Women Ready To Move Academy. Through the Women Ready To Move Academy, Dr. Marcea helps women discover who they are, decide what they want, and deliver on their destiny.

Dr. Marcea has been recognized by USA Today as a “Top Entrepreneur to Watch ” and also has been featured in Forbes Magazine, Courageous Woman and Columbia Inspired magazines. She’s the author of “Marked From Birth: The Transformational Journey From Flawed to Fabulous” and co-author of “Deeper Women Teach: Stories of Life, Love and Leadership and Strategies of Women Who Lead.”

Certified Health and Life Coach

My heart’s desire and life’s purpose is to guide you on the journey to self-discovery and help women attain the vision for their lives in an authentic and freeing way.

Board Certified Internal Medicine Physician

As a physician for over 25 years, I’ve experienced how we underestimate the power of the mind in how we think, feel and heal. Lasting change can only occur when the whole person is the central focus.

Speaking Topics

*All topics are personalized to your unique audience*

Building Leadership One Bridge at a Time

Leaders aren’t born, they are built…one beam, one structure at a time, just like bridges. And, like bridges, leaders provide the blueprint, the infrastructure, and the roadmap allowing management, employees, and team members to successfully navigate the gaps in organizations and to provide safe passage from chaos to clarity. But leaders can only take others as far as they are willing to go themselves. This critical component, self-leadership, starts from the inside out. This powerful session shifts the mindset of leaders as they integrate the 3 Secrets to Building Leadership One Bridge at a Time!

Changing the Game – The 3 Secrets to Leveling Up and Leading from the Inside Out

It’s time to change the game! You have been playing the wrong game for far too long – Simon Says, Mother May I, and even Duck Duck Goose. Playing small, asking for permission, following others’ made up rules. But it’s time to inspire change! It’s time to Change the Game from the inside out!

The 3 Things you Must Do to Become Unstoppable

Who doesn’t have that flaw? That blemish, that imperfection that stopped you from showing up fully, from achieving your goals in life? The flaw that you hated? Well, your flaw was not meant to stop you, to trip you up, or to slow you down. Your flaw was to point you in the direction of your purpose. To make you unstoppable!  Are you ready to Face your Flaw? Are you ready to become unstoppable? This presentation shares the 3 things you MUST do to become Unstoppable! How to transform your Fatal Flaw into your Fabulous Future.

The CareGiver Series: Self-Care Ain’t Selfish

“Self-Care Ain’t Selfish” is a 30-45 minute presentation that brings awareness to the increasing number of adult children who are caregivers to parents or other loved ones. The stress of caring for a loved one can lead to frustration, loneliness, depression and even guilt, along with its effect on the caregiver’s job, finances, lifestyle and personal relationships. The presentation is geared towards current and future caregivers but also those who care for these caregivers. The interactive session debunks the three myths that prevent caregivers from fully loving their loved one and takes self-care to a whole new level!